Studio Diary – Two Days at Millbank

It’s been a busy couple of weeks.

We spent a couple of days in Millbank Studios with Michael Mormecha recording some new music. Every sounds great and I can’t wait to share it. I recorded my last EP, ADAMS, with Michael and he’s a great producer who really gets the sound I’m going for.

To help give you a peek into what we get up to in the studio I made a little studio diary which I hope you’ll enjoy!


As well as the Roosting Rooster and Davey the cat, Millbank was where I found out about two really exciting opportunities.

First I was asked to play Q Radio’s Summer Sessions with Pop Up. For this Q Radio had me on to be interviewed on air and then I played a live set outside their offices in the centre of Belfast.

Then I got an email from Hard Working Class Heroes Festival in Dublin who have kindly invited me along to play at this year’s festival. I really can’t wait for that and I’m already in rehearsal mode with my band to get the new material ready for the gig!

HWCH 2018_line-up instagram.jpg


Coming soon will be new music and also an announcement of some tour dates all around Ireland supporting Ethan Hanna as he launches his new album, so if I’m playing somewhere near you, please come and say hi!

Sonja xx 🙂

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