Ghost Single Release + Violent Strawberry EP

There’s something about Autumn and me releasing music… last year I released Adams, and this year I have a brand new single for you all to hear.

The single is called Ghost, and it’ll be available from 14th September on Spotify and all those listening platforms everybody uses.

Here’s a sneaky peak of what it’s going to sound like:

This year though, I’m doing something a little different from when I released Adams.

Adams, and my first EP, I.D, and my Christmas single, Christmas Time In This Town, are all available all of the time for anyone anywhere to listen to, and it’s great that there are platforms like Spotify, iTunes and Google Play which make that possible.

However, despite all those advantages, those things make continuing as an independent artist more difficult than ever as a stream on Spotify is typically worth between $0.006 and $0.0084. 

So, while my new single, Ghost, will be available on all those platforms (click here to presave it), three other songs that I recorded at the same time will not be.

The only way to get those will to be to buy the full EP, Violent Strawberry, directly from me.

Violent Strawberry

There are two ways to do that. The easiest is to come and see me at a gig. Over the next few months I’ll be playing a bunch of shows with Ethan Hanna as he releases his album, and you can keep up with any more dates on my Facebook page too.

The second way to get the full Violent Strawberry EP is to buy it from Bandcamp, either as a digital download for £3, or order the physical CD for £5. The physical CD comes with handwritten track listing, so every single copy will be unique as I’m unlikely to spell the track names right every time…

The music might only cost you around the price of a coffee, but that £3 or £5 means a hell of a lot more to me. It helps keep me gigging, writing and recording new music. And with either a CD or digital download you’ll be able to take my music with you wherever you go. Ordering on Bandcamp also means you’ll get the music the second it’s released.

It’s not an easy thing to have to restrict how my music is accessed, but as it becomes more and more difficult to continue as a musician, I felt a change of approach was needed and I hope you can support me in that by buying a copy of my EP.

Thank you all for your support so far and I’ll hopefully see you at an upcoming show 🙂


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