Video diary from Millbank Studios – New EP!!

Hey everyone. So I spent the weekend recording my new EP with Michael Mormecha at Millbank Studios just outside Lisburn.

I had a brilliant three days, we recorded six songs and I’m so happy with how everything has turned out.

I made this video diary to take you behind the scenes of what goes on in a recording studio and to give you a sneak peak at some of the songs I’ll be releasing very soon. I can’t wait to let you all hear them, but for now I hope you enjoy seeing how they were made 🙂

EastSide Arts Festival Round-Up

I’ve had an amazing weekend with the EastSide Arts Festival.

20526289_911134962372515_1554350208731492651_n.jpgFirst of all on Friday I supported Kaz Hawkins at the Park Avenue Hotel. I played in front of an audience of more than 150 people and they were brilliant. So many people came to see me afterwards and say hello, which is the best bit about doing gigs like that.

Kaz was fantastic. She was so welcoming and it was great being able to watch her performance and learn from her. Her story is incredible and I’d urge anyone who hasn’t seen her before to make it top of their to-do list!

During that gig I played a brand new song, Calla, which just might be a late contender to feature on my EP which I’ll be recording next week.

I played it again today at a gig in the EastSide Arts Visitor Centre – the guys there broadcast it live on their Facebook page. It was fun to play some covers as well as some of my own songs and there was plenty of coffee.

Next up for me is recording my new EP with Michael Mormecha at Milbank Studios. I’ll be doing some video diaries of my time in the studio so check back for those next week 🙂

Follow Me To Nashville


I love Nashville. The city, the music and, of course, the TV show! Going to see the live tour just once last year wasn’t enough so when they announced a Belfast date I had to get tickets.

The show was brilliant and it was a lovely day so I thought I’d make a video it.


Supporting The Answer’s Cormac Neeson


I’m really excited to be working with EastSide Arts on several projects this summer, at the same time as recording my new EP.

There’s some more gigs to be announced soon, but the first is June’s edition of the EastSide Sessions where I’ll be supporting Cormac Neeson from The Answer.

I can’t wait to play and I’ll hopefully see lots of you there 🙂

Click here for all the details and for tickets.


So, I went to Dublin for a couple of days. Inbetween the coffee and donuts we played two gigs, one at Whelan’s and one at Darkey Kelly’s.

Check out my vlog of the trip on Youtube – subscribe to my channel for more updates 🙂


Here’s a live performance of me playing Murder in Whelan’s. Enjoy!